Friday, 9 December 2016

Hell In A Cell 2013

Image Source: Amazon
Written By: Mark Armstrong

Running Time: 182 Minutes
Certificate: 15
Number Of Discs: 1
Studio: Fremantle Home Entertainment
Released: January 27 2014

Hell In A Cell was WWE's best PPV event since SummerSlam, with several matches that either delivered great action or concluded major storylines, not to mention having a big return. That being said, the strange drop in standards over recent months means that the DVD of the show is still no more than adequate.

The opening match between The Brotherhood, The Usos and The Shield is fantastic, and is the unquestionable highlight of the event. Conversely, The Great Khali and Natalya vs. Fandango and Summer Rae is weird filler, and Big E vs. Dean Ambrose is notable only for a dangerous-looking spear through the ropes by Big E and a nasty cut opened up under Big E's eye just before the (dodgy) finish.

CM Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman under HIAC rules is disappointing, but at least we get a memorable post-match scene to finally draw a line under the Punk-Heyman conflict. Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans is, unsurprisingly, forgettable. John Cena's return match against Alberto Del Rio is okay, but would have meant more had Cena been out for 6-9 months rather than 10 weeks. AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella is only average, and the Cell match for the WWE Title which was in "abeyance" between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan - with Shawn Michaels as referee, no less - is good, but not unlike other Orton-Bryan main events on recent shows, it is missing something that would make it a truly memorable encounter. The bonus match is Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow, held one day before Sandow's failed cash-in of Money In The Bank on John Cena.

Whilst Hell In A Cell is one of the better WWE supershows in recent months, only one of the matches is of a very high standard. The DVD for this show is worth a look, but don't expect it to be as good as the likes of Money In The Bank or SummerSlam.

Overall Rating: 7/10 - Respectable

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